Wednesday, December 7, 2011

News Letter Update

December 1, 2011
Dear Prayer Warrior:

The most wonderful season of witness is now open to us. The celebration of Christ coming into this world fully God and fully man is our opportunity to tell the world what Christmas is all about. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Understanding that Christ knows all our temptations, hurts and joys helps us to know how much He really loves us. Saundra and I thank you for your love to us all year long. Saundra said to me, “You have not given a family update in a long time”. I really can not remember when I last did that.

Let me start with Saundra and I. We celebrated 46 years of marriage this last October and we both had our 65th birthdays this year. We are both dealing with the aches and pains of the years on our bodies. I have mine compounded by the agent orange (dioxin) that I came into contact with in Viet Nam. Saundra has knee and back pain. We say this because we covet your prayers. We serve with joy and always know that God’s grace is sufficient. We have had a great year of serving the Lord and look forward to 2012.

Our daughter, Alesha, and her husband, Brother John Seay, serve in Fredrick, Maryland. Bro. John is pastor of Fredrick Baptist Church. They have a soul-winning and growing church. Alesha works with the women and music ministry and is having great blessings. Bro. John has seen the church grow steadily each year under his leadership. They have four children. Sarah and Cynthia are attending college at Commonwealth Bible College in Lexington, Kentucky. John Mark and Karissa are being home schooled by Alesha. John Mark and Karissa are both church bus workers and active in the music and youth programs at church.

Our son, Paul, and his wife, Amye, are very active at Nelson County Baptist Church in Bardstown, Ky. Paul is a deacon and leader of our Senior Saints ministry and teaches the senior adult class. Amye teaches the young children’s class and is our main church pianoist. They are both active in many other areas of ministry in the church. They have three children: Blake, Emily and Zach. Blake and Emily are in Christian School and Zach, at age three, manages to keep busy. All the children are active in their church age group.

Our daughter, Andrea, and her husband, Brother Mark Forester, are in full-time evangelism and gospel music ministry, They have been married eleven years and have made twenty-two Southern Gospel Albums. They travel all over America with their ministry. They just returned from Scotland where they had four concerts and presented the Gospel. God continues to give them many souls for their labor. They have two boys - Tyler, which Andrea home schools, and Trevor, who is our youngest grandchild at two years old.

What a joy it is to have nine grandchildren loving the Lord and their parents all serving the Lord on a daily basis! You have been a part of the influence on their lives as you have supported our family in the work of the Lord.

May you have the Merriest of Christmases and a very Blessed and Happy New Year!

Yours in Christ,
Bro. Joe Adams

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Newsletter - 2011

Dear Prayer Warrior:

It would be an under statement to say it is a hot summer. The work of the Lord is as hot as ever. Saundra and I are pleased that the Lord would use us all these years in His work. No matter what the conditions we want to always give God our best. God has changed a lot of things in the ministry over the years but God never changes His call to labor till He comes to bring us home.
We have been helping pastors and churches get ready for the new school year in their ministries. There are a lot of questions about the way churches are expected to conduct their ministries. Satan is not pleased when God’s people continue to march forward in their service for the Lord.
Our country is in a terrible shape financially. We are not on good footing no matter what deals come out of Washington D. C. and at some point we are going to have to face some tough economic hard times. Our children will inherit a debt that is more than any of us can imagine and that is a fact. We can be comforted in that God will be with his people. We must continue to walk by faith and not by sight. Live and walk in God’s ways. Prepare for these days as you live to serve Him.
With all that is happening with our debt problems in America, the media has taken its focus off the underlying things that are pointing to Christ’s return. As I have mentioned in earlier letters, the countries around Israel are lining up just as God said they would in the last days. Pray that God’s people will continue to tell others about the saving power of Jesus Christ and that souls will be saved.
Saundra and I are so thankful for your prayers. As you know I have a lot of complications from agent orange (dioxin) that I contracted in Viet Nam. I have diabetes, neuropathy, eye complications and congestive heart failure which are caused by agent orange. I have a lot of medications I am taking and they are all helping. Praise the Lord that the Veterans Administration Hospital takes care of all these costs. Saundra is having problems with her knees and as she says all the regular aches and pains. We have been serving the Lord forty-six years together this year. Again, thank you for your prayers and financial support. The Lord has provided for our needs all these years through His people. I believe God has given us the greatest people and friends in the whole world.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Joe & Saundra Adams

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Up-date on Ministry

As most of our ministry supporters know I have been blessed to have mentored Brother Lee Watts to assume the Chaplain Ministries in the Capitols. He is doing well and I am advising as he faces situations he is not familar with. I am still available for God and Country Services, Supply Preaching and Family and Home Seminars.

Our visits to the Veterans Hospital seems to be often but they are treating me well. The complications I am having from the Agent Orange I contracted in Viet Nam are many but I am thankful I am able to do all I can do. We are stll seeing souls saved. I had the joy of leading a man to the Lord in my office a couple of weeks ago. He came with me the next Sunday and made a public profession.